Comodo and Ventrilo, direct input blocked

My friend is having problems with his ventrilo because of comodo, it seems like comodo pops up something saying about hook like the most recent one was a global hook, he allowed it and it blocks the direct input for the mouse and the keyboard for vent. First time this happened i believe it was blocked or ignored and it blocked the direct input too. Doing a system restore fixed it for at most 2 or 3 days though. I can’t figure out what the problem is! someone help! and thanks in advance for help.

Hi Mega555, welcome to the forums.

The alert pop-up (really need a picture posted to be 100% sure) sounds like the MS Direct Input DLL, which Ventrilo would almost certainly need. If it was allowed (remembered) then it should work. If it was blocked (remembered) then it would fail and need to be remove before it would work, doing a System Restore would be the long way to fix this. If it was ignored and timed-out then it would probably act as if it had been blocked until the system was restarted/rebooted.

The easiest way to resolve this is to open CIS, go to Defense+ - Advanced - Computer Security Policy and find the Ventrilo entry. Delete the Ventrilo entry, save and close CIS. Now open Ventrilo and allow (remembered) all the required rules (including the MS Direct Input Global Hook) and all should fine.

I can explain how to remove the individual blocked Global Hook entry, but I’m not certain if your friend would be up for this. But, for Ventrilo there would a MS Direct Input DLL entry be under Customize - Windows/WinEvents Hooks. This is a slightly easier method, since Ventrilo doesn’t have relearn all its other rules.

PS Your friend was right to be nervous of the Global Hook alert as they can be dangerous unless you know them to be safe. The best way to test the impact of a pop-up that you’re uncertain of, is to Block the alert with the Remembered box unchecked. This way if it doesn’t work, then a simple reboot will resolve the problem and next time you allow it.

I hope that helps.