Comodo and screen readers

Hello to the Comodo team,

I would like to let you know that visually impaired and blind users make use of screen readers to help them in using their computers. To simplify matters, Comodo should consider the following:

(1) Add them to the white list so that Defense+ does not pop up
(2) Remove the false positives

I have recently installed CIS 3.9 and tried two screen readers:

(1) Thunder screen reader

(2) ZoomText

In both cases, I had encountered false positives.

With Thunder screen reader, I have managed to get the exe file and I have already reported it to Comodo.

In the case of Zoomtext, I could not get the exe file, so could not report it.

Following these complications, I uninstalled CAVS and started using CPF and Avast. When I changed the configuration of CIS, from Comodo Internet Security to Comodo Firewall Security and I opened Zoomtext, Defense+ popped up and caused the PC to freeze. I would be grateful if this problem could be addressed.

Thanking you again for providing this free product.


+1! These stuff should be white listed!

EDIT:: Just realized I read your post badly… Nm

I have already reported the Fp in the appropriate section of the forum.
The white list will help a lot.

+1 for putting screen readers to the white list.