Comodo and removable drives?

I have been using Comodo for a while now and I like it. I have most things sorted. I do have problems in one area.

Do you trust a program on a removable drive? You have to for installation. If you bought a genuine commercial software on CD and wanted to install it you would want it to be trusted. If your child brought a CD or USB stick with stuff copied from a friends PC you would not want to trust it at all. I would want a rule blocking any program from running any program, dll etc. Both could have setup.exe on them. The only rule that would cover both is ask and you would then have to trust your child to reply correctly. I want rules that cannot be bypassed by inexperienced users. I could delete rules, install the CD, and then add the rules again but this not ideal.

It would be nice to have an easy way of marking a removable drive as safe. A checksum type test of the program would be useful for the program you always run from a removable drive. All exes from unknown disks could then be blocked until you entered a password. Another option would be to create rules just for groups of users.

Fixed drives are not a problem as I can, using defence+, prevent execution of programs on any directory where a limited user can write.