Comodo and Other Certificates

I'm trying to test out features/bugs and also compatability with non-comodo certificates. Are there other sources of free certificates out there that windows vista and comodo will deem as trusted i could try??

Also, i understand some email encryption programs seem to generate their own key pairs(not issued from a certificate company like comodo). Will this work with CSE???

Hi Curlin,

You can receive and decrypt emails from other certificates other than Comodo ones but for using other certificates, you need to purchase and download the Pro Version . Not sure how much it costs I’ve not bought it before.

Thawte used to provide free certificates but they discontinued that late last year. I haven’t been able to find any other free email certificates searching the web. Interestingly Comodo has surpassed Versign (SSL Provider Comodo Surpasses Verisign By Securing 15% More Websites )

You can create a temporary untrusted certificate with Microsoft Office but beyond that I think you’d have to purchase one.


Thanks Eric

Because CSE doesn’t see/accept and therefore won’t encrypt emails to my safe-mail account using it’s certificate, i need a way to test out some of the options in CSE for bugs and to also make sure it will interact properly with other certificates. It will with other comodo certificates but will be very limited if that is all it does.

I want to also make sure all the options in the image included below work. So far, i haven’t see anything. The other day, i opened a gmail account and received another comodo certificate for that account. Sent emails back and forth but no prompts either way(about new certificate) from either account. They automatically encrypted emails between each other. Have also sent emails to other accounts i have which don’t have certificates and there was nothing in the email from comodo stating that it did not have their certificate.

Does anyone here have another trusted certificate (non comodo) that could exchange emails with me to test??

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And Eric

 You didn't touch on this subject. Programs like PGP Desktop use key pairs and not certified certificates like from comodo for encryption. Will CSE interact and work with these type of programs??

Been playing with PGP Desktop in a VM and sending test emails (signed) to CSE and it doesn’t see anything.

Having never used PGP Desktop I’m not sure it works in the same way.

Incidentally, I managed to find a source of where to get free digital email certificates though I’m not sure if they are trusted source ones

The Secorio Certificate takes to through to signing up for a Comodo one. The StartCom is apparently a free SSL website certificat and not a digital ID. TCTrust appears to be a Denmark one.

You can signup for a GlobalSign certificate 30 day trial here:

There used to be a comparison page for both free and pro versions of CSE. Wish I was of more help at this stage. I myself am a CSE user like you, I just volunteer helping out where I can. I suggest try setting up a GlobalSign certificate on a machine and then sending it to yourself on another. Usually certificates are initially just signed from one person to another. If they are encrypted the receiver also has to have the encryption key. Here’s some basics on how digital keys work: Microsoft Support

P.S. - You will also find some other useful information from the certificates board in these forums as a number of users have other certificate specific queries here: Comodo Forum

Ok Eric - Thank You

A few thoughts on my weekend testing between Comodo Secure Email and PGP Desktop.

Firstly, i'm kinda disappointed with how limited CSE is beginning to appear. I'm sure lots of people who encrypt their email use the public/private key process and not issued certificates like from comodo. 

Site here -

Enigmail extension and open pgp in thunderbird -

These work with" keys and certificates" and have the ability to elevate trust. Comodo’s and Safe-mail’s certificates both arrived as non trusted in PGP Desktop and i was able to elevate them to trusted and therefore use to encrypt. However, CSE doesn’t even see keys :frowning:

And the fact i was able to elevate trust tells me the issues i was having with my safe-mail certificate(not trusted) was a Comodo problem and not a Windows problem as i thought.

So how the heck is someone using CSE suppose to communicate with another using PGP and the Enigmail extension?? There’s no proplem on the PGP end because it’s flexible (sees both keys and certificates) Not CSE!

Quite puzzling i’d say.