comodo and MMO, online games

ok i have a problem with my MMOs and there autoupdates and comodo blocking them at launch. Any ideas how to keep my games happy and not have to shut down comodo to play my games. it looks like everything is a virus or trogan or other malware.
help plsase.

the games are Perfect world international, runes of magic, and dnd online. can you give me any help on this blocking problem.

Can you please show us your Firewall logs, Defense+ logs and Antivirus Logs?

Comodo → firewall → Events
‘’‘’‘’‘’‘’‘’’ → Defense+ → Events
“”“”“”“”-> Antivirus → Events

If you’re planning to play online game with using Comodo.
My easiest way is leave Comodo to “Training Mode” for first time playing.
And I’ll switch to safe mode later.

hi every one.ineed help with comodo.i downloaded combat arms and every time i open it it says server could not be found and that kept happening every time i opened it.So i downloaded another mmorpg game cross fire and it saya the same thing.My firewall is off and i changed comodo to training mode but it still wouldn’t work.Some one help me please!!!

Hi aleemkirk. welcome to the forums.

You should have opened your own topic really. This one is fairly old. But, never mind… I can always split it later. :slight_smile:

Which version of CIS do you have? Training Mode has been replaced by Game Mode in the latest versions of CIS. However, back your problem. ;D Check CIS’s Firewall and Defense+ event logs, as per Kyle’s post above. Is there anything listed for your game? Does your game use any anti-cheat programs do you know?

i know that Cross fire use anti-cheat program X-Trap