Comodo and Limewire

After installing V3.0.14.276 I found that my Limewire would not fully connect to the network. I read some of the tutorials posted here in the forums and mine would not connect with any of the settings mentioned by the staff and users of these forums.

However, I tried something different and it connected. I went to Firewall/Advanced/Network Security Policy and removed the entry for Limewire. After applying the changes, I started Limewire and got the allow or deny dialog to allow Limewire to connect to the net. By default it had the “use this policy” checked and in the box was the “web browser” rule. I unchecked that setting and just clicked the “allow this request” and then clicked “allow”. As it was connecting the Comodo then popped up with the "do you want limewire to recieve connections from the internet and I again clicked “allow this request” and then “allow”. Limewire fully connected and then the Limewire firewall notifier said that it did not detect a firewall. I did some downloading and it was fast and reliable. I looked in Network Security Policies and the Limewire entry showed…“treat as custom” and “allow IP in from IP any to IP any where Protocol is any” AND “allow IP out from IP any to IP any where Protocol is any”.

Is this a safe and reliable way to allow this app?

I did not stay on the app long enough to notice if anything was being blocked for fear that I was compromising my security.

Any help is appreciated.

Also, I hope that the Comodo staff will soon create a policy for P2P clients to add to the rest of the rules so that we don’t have to use “custom” rules to use these apps.

Many thanks to the Comodo staff for making such a robust firewall for free. Awesome.

Thank you.

Is this a safe way to allow Limewire? Or should I use a different ruleset? Am I opening up too much to Gnutella with the above settings?

Please let me know… Thanks

I guess it’s better to change a little bit your ruleset for Limewire and test how it will work.

Instead of “allow all IP out” place a rule allow/tcp&udp/out/any/any/any/any.

Instead of “allow all IP in” place a rule allow/tcp&udp/in/any/any/any/your port(s) for incoming connections (check your Limewire’s settings for details).

And last rule block&log/ip/in&out/any/any.

Thanks for responding…

I set up the 3 rules as you have suggested and Limewire connects quickly and downloads fast and reliably however it still shows on Limewire that “no firewall has been detected”.

Is this a concern?

I guess this is not if CFP works properly (i mean blocks/allows every connection according to it’s network policy).

This should probably be posted in a few other forums as an easy solution to using P2P clients…I would assume that these same 3 rules should allow most, if not all P2Ps to work. The only change would be to the third rule…the allowed port would have to correspond with the apps recommended incoming port. Right?

Don’t know for sure. But in theory, yes. If you don’t have block global rules that conflict with rules for P2P client, these 3 rules should be enough.

You are quite correct. :wink:

I used these for my Frostwire which is the same as Limewire.
They work very well to for utorrent and most p2ps.;msg122624#msg122624

Credit to Blas and goodbrazer though, very helpful guys. :wink:

Many thanks to goodbrazer and blas for their help with setting these P2Ps up. Also, I would like to suggest to Comodo’s scripters to create a “P2P” setting for the most commonly used P2Ps so that users don’t have to create custom rules to make them work. Seems that it could be added quite easily to CPF. Most of the apps mentioned in the posts use static ports to connect to the respective network(s). I think UTorrent may be the only exception. It would make things easier for us and probably remove a good amount of the traffic in the forums and the support services.

Anyway, thanks again friends! (:CLP)


What version of Limewire? I am using Limewire Pro 4.16.0 and it shows firewall detected.

how do i get to Firewall/advanced/Network/Security Policy??? i am using limewire pro 416.0. This proves my point made earlier on in my questions , that it needs to be in plain ENGLISH. Please do not take it for granted that everyone knows all of these abbrevs and terms. Please contact me by email as well , anyone with a sensible answer.