comodo and lexmark printer

Hi all
I’m trying out version 3.5.57173.439 internet security 0C755F52B67D48de9D08C6C632270586
Windows vista home premium 32bit
I now can only print one page of a document. If I go to print out another document my printer stalls and won’t print the next item.
The documents are stuck in the queue and the the document that printed is stuck on deleted in the status.
when i set up comodo I told the program the all lexmark stuff was a trusted application and allow it all the time.
what I’m I doing wrong?
Happy Holidays

check D+ for your print spooler.

Using Lexmark Z35 on XP SP2 without any problems
D+ CleanPC Mode.

LEXBCES.exe - Custom - Access Rights - all Ask; Run execut. allowed LEXPPS.EXE
Protection settings - NO

LEXPPS.exe - Custom - Access Rights - all Ask; Allowed Reg Keys:
Protection Settings - NO

LXAXJSWX.exe & LXAXPSWX.exe - Custom - Access Rights - all Ask; Allowed COM:
\RPC Control\spoolss
\RPC Control\ntsvcs
Prot. settings - NO

lxaxweb.exe - Custom - Access Rights - all Ask; Allow DNS; Allowed Reg.Keys HKLM\SYSTEM\ControlSet???\Services*; Allowed COM - \RPC Control\ntsvcs
Prot. Settings - NO

lexdrvin.exe - Custom - AR - all Ask; Allowed Exec. C:\WINDOWS\System32\ntvdm.exe;
Prot. Settings - NO

Custom - AR - all Ask; Allowed Exec C:\WINDOWS\System32\LXSUPMON.EXE;
Allowed Reg. Key - \Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run;
Prot Settings - NO

Custom - AR - all Ask; Allowed COM \RPC Control\spoolss;
Prot. Settings - NO

It seems I writed all from my config =)