Comodo and latest WOW patch

  • There are some reports from Comodo users that Comodo may close the game while logging in. If you have this software, please check it.

Just a heads up, guys! :-TU

Thanks for your heads up.

I’ll move this to help, then if anyone has WOW and has this problem, we can see if it can be resolved by a settings change.

If not then anyone with WOW is welcome to make a bug report.

Best wishes


Had the same problem.
I added Launcher.exe & wow.exe to the exclusions list in the Defense+ settings list.
The list was empty but still comodo informed me that the entries already existed.

you can find the list from the Summery - Defence+ mode - Execution Control Settings - Exclusions.

Wierd! I would suggest:

  1. Switching to a different preset config tempoarily (export yours first), or re-installing (without importings settings), to see if you are allowed to add WOW to BO exceptions then

  2. Trying making Launcher.exe an installer updater in the computer security policy ~ D+ rules

  3. If 1+2 fail, working through the techniques here.

Make sure you reboot after everything you try!

Please do say you you get on!

Best wishes