Comodo and KAV

Hi Friends,

Since a couple of days i am running Comodo 3.5.54375.427 (latest version) together with KAV (latest version). I m not un unexperienced user and it looks like both apps are going on together perfectly !

When going through some forums i read here and there contradictal comments about compatibility issues.
The main concern is that you should take care with the install sequence : Always install KAV before Comodo.
Should i be concerned about compatibility issues ? I am on XP Home SP3 here and since 2 days everything
runs just great … Maybe it’s a fatality but it looks like i have less system freezings since XP FW is disabled ?

Thanks for any comments on this subject.

Berny ++

Hey Berny, Glad everything is working for you :slight_smile: nice setup you have there and should be safe…

1 thing you should check, If your using KAV you should disable comodo’s real time antivirus.
Everything else should be fine… CAVS has some great improvements coming such as very powerful heuristics… From what I’ve seen from CIMA they should be unmatched by anything out there today…

author=Kyle link=topic=30141.msg217783#msg217783 date=1226760279] 1 thing you should check, If your using KAV you should disable comodo's real time antivirus.

Hi Kyle,

Thanks for you kind reply !

I can’t find the option to disable the av real time protection.

When installing the free version i did not install the av_protection part,
because two av-shields could harm my system.
BTW i also run SAS Pro as as&am shield + MBAM “on demand” (for a second opinion).

If i go for Comodo FW Pro and i disable the anti-virus section
when installing, will my system get a better protection compared with the Comodo free version ?

Does Comodo offers Pro version containing only a FW without AV_protection ???
This question is just because i feel good with KAV …

Thanks in advance for your apprectiated advice.

Berny +++

You are doing the correct thing :slight_smile: it is usually never a good idea to run 2 at a time.

Free compared to Pro

You get the same protection with free.

Maybe CIS 3.5 Solves Kaspersky issue… Just a thought.


Yes i know Josh … will try out soon on one of my users
Thanks for all the replies on this thread.
Berny +++

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

There is no compatibility issue of what so ever. There is what we all may call “fall for this trick”. Why do I say that? Well, CIS/CFP is not the only security tool that Kaspersky supposely has issues with. It also has issues with Spybot Search & Destroy. These 2 I know for sure. I also believe, but don’t quite recall, though I can test, it has issues with Lavasoft Ad-aware. I believe it will have issues with more security tools.


The reason is quite simple, actually. Kaspersky Antivirus also includes antispyware, and Kaspersky Lab also develops a internet security suite, which has a firewall. So why would they say that there where no issues of what so ever? It is pure marketing. There are no issues.

Besides if there were indeed compatibility issues that could mess with your system, don’t you think that Kaspersky Lab would advertise that on their official products page? Or would they let people buy their products and then if the system crashes, well, the fault goes on the user?

If there are any issues between some software, no matter which one causes the issue, then it must be advertised on the product’s info page. I don’t see none in Kaspersky Lab site. Do you? Where? Why not?

The most amazing thing is that if you install Kasperky products first and then other products, well, no issues of what so ever will ever happen. Amazing, uh?