Comodo and Java Games interaction problems

I recently found out my usual antivirus was going from free to pay, so I searched around and found comodo and from what I read and researched was considerably better than my prior antivirus.

I removed my prior av program and then installed comodo. Well, was we in for a shock!! Comodo and Java don’t seem to get along at all. We play a number of games online that require java script to run. Where our games once ran smoothly and clean, now they either don’t load or if they do, the run hap hazardlyor they freeze in midplay. (which isn’t a good thing if you are battling an overlord or dragon!!). This is not a good thing in a household that does a considerable amount of gaming on friday nights and on the weekend.

what can we do to fix this? We need the antivirus as the web is loaded with everything imaginable. Is there a way to work around this conflict?

Yes, we have the newest version of Java and the latest version of comodo av as well.
We run win xp 2nd edition and it is current.

We tried our games in 4 separate browsers: IE, Netscape, Opera and Foxfire–with the same results.

Thank you for your time,

Mortis Livre

CAVS 2 is BETA, All development has come to a complete STOP on it. CAVS 3 is around the corner, promises to be good.

Use Avast! for now :slight_smile: