comodo and gmail

??? Gmail is a very popular email program these days with pop access.
I find mails sent/received using gmail thru incredimail are not scanned by comodo.

are other pop3 account scanned ?


Incredimail IMO is incredibly lame and full of spyware tracking cookiemonsters know every your online step. ;D

I used CAV so far on Outlook, OE, Thunderbird, Neoplanet Email, Bat, Eudora and a few other oddball ones, without an issue. AFAIK, as long as your emaill package is using the standard email ports, CAV should scan it - its looking at the port traffic, not the application sending the traffic.

I don’t understand what you meant when you said "mails sent/received using gmail thru incredimail ". Providing incredimail uses port 25 (i think pop is port 25), CAV should pick it up.

ewen :wink:

Gmail is a SSL (encrypted) email service when using pop3 and cannot be scanned by a virus scanner by normal means. I have read in the avast forum, one of the best in my opinion, that you need third party programs like stunnel and open SSL to configure avast to scan these encrypted mails.
If only comodo could provide something similar ?