Comodo and FlashFXP?

I’m having a hard time getting FlashFXP to work with Comodo. When I have it set as a trusted application, I still can’t connect to outside sites. I have to disable the firewall completely to connect to other ftps. I’m not running my own ftp, I just wish to connect to other ftps. I’ve browsed a bit thru the forum, and it seems like it’s a problem with global settings? Can you recommend settings that wouldn’t leave me vulnerable to attacks, etc.

Thank you.

Hello Welcome to the forums!

I am not familiar with FlashFXP, So I will just ask you to try something until a more experienced user with FlashFXP can help you.

Go to, comodo → Firewall → Events. Is anything being blocked there?
comodo → Defense+ → Events.

Hi, thanks for your help. It’s a free application. (well at least for the first 30 days) :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, I looked at that. It showed that WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\ALG.EXE is being blocked when I tried to connect to an outside site. (with the ip of that site) SOURCE PORT: 2832

Hello, Try this;

Go to comodo → Firewall → advanced → network security policy
Look for “ALG.exe” and Remove the entries.

Now put Firewall in Training mode and Try your FTP Transfer.

Remember to put Firewall into Safe mode after you have made the connections, Otherwise the firewall would “Learn” all application trying to connect to the internet, whether they be good or bad!