Comodo and CCleaner

I have a new occurrence going on which I have never had until this update. Current version is; just the firewall.

I get this popup when I launch Firefox (minus the letters to the right) and not sure why this is occurring. I have used Comodo for a few years and this never popped up.

Q1 - what is going on, some problem with the HIPS database being over zealous?

Q2 - Something wrong with CCleaner triggering this within Comodo? Uninstall and reinstall CCleaner to fix?

Q3 - Is there a new setting in the new version of Comodo which may be activated to activate this pop up?

Just trying to figure out why this started. Thanks


Thanks Zbc for the reply. Do you know if this is a new setting or just got changed to default? I am just wondering because I have never had those popups before and usually installing is just updating through the “Update” feature.

Again thanks