comodo and Avast! RESOLVED

Hi I’m a new member and my mothertongue is not English so be patient with me …
I have a problem wih surfing : everything is loading in slow motion (even Google) Is this a know issue and what should I do about it ? some people adviced me to shut down the webshield on Avast! but I don’t know this for sure …

YANKEE, welcome to the forums!

I have not heard of that type of issue combining CPF with Avast! There are other issues that seem related (possibly) to the combination of Webshield and CPF (or some part of ABA).

Here’s my question: Are you running Internet Explorer 7 for your browser?


Hi Little mac !

to answer your question : no I use Firefox !
Maybe this link will explain a lot about “my” problem :,3113.60.html

It seems to me that I encountered a problem which is very well known by both Comodo and Avast!

Are you getting the HTML code and/or other gibberish instead the actual web content?

Or is it just a loss of speed over your connection?

If your is the same issue, I’m sorry you have it; wish you were one the people that it works fine for! :’(

{I mentioned IE7 because it is known to have some problems causing great slowdowns (all by itself…).}

At any rate, rest assured that Comodo is aware of the Avast! Webshield/CPF conflict. I read that it was supposed to be addressed in the next CPF release, but I cannot confirm that this is a true statement; it did not come from Comodo.

I tried Avast! for a little while, and felt like Webshield slowed things down considerably; I’ve seen the same from other similar products. Since it acts like a proxy, accessing and filtering web content before it reaches your computer (for protection), it adds an extra drain on resources and web browsing.

I prefer to disable those types of extensions, myself. With On-Access scanning, On-Demand scanning, scheduled scans, email scans, antispyware software, antirootkit software, and a firewall that stops outbound traffic I do not allow, I think that pretty much takes care of it. :wink:

The next version of CPF is in Beta testing right now; I have not read in the release notes that it addresses this issue, but it’s possible it does, or will by the time of the final release…


Little Mac ?

I solved the problem: for some reason my PC still believed that look 'n stop was active. This prog was installed / disinstalled by me months ago !!! I reinstalled it and immediately disinstalled and afterwards it was really gone ! Next I made sure that my windows firewall stayed off.
So now everything works just fine BUT… when I installed the latest BETA version of Comodo it went wrong. Avast said it couldn’t check my incomming mail (error 1022 I believe it was)The common version of comodo didn’t gave me any trouble… maybe something to report for the developpers ??? I can’t do that because I have no thourough knowledge of progs but maybe something for you ? In any way I want to thank you for your support and help ! :Beer

Run the Applications Wizard - Security/Tasks/Scan for Known Applications (lower right). Follow the prompts, and reboot your computer when it’s done.

See if that resolves the issue of Avast! scanning your email (I’m thinking it’s not being allowed to connect, after the install of the new firewall).

Software and computers can be tricky, eh? An old firewall already uninstalled, yet still causing problems… Who would know?

Let me know how it works to run the App Wizard and reboot…


Same here with the Avast errors (maybe 2-3 errors), but if you reboot your PC again, the errors should not longer exist. I can’t also use CPF before I reboot again (all modules off, no setting work). Strange, but that works for me (with last Beta - sometimes it needs a 2. or 3. reboot to solve the problem…

appguard.dll - a library belonging to Comodo Firewall is the problem right now between avast and Comodo :’(
I wish someone from Comodo staff to me me addressing this :-\

You could post that info and link in a ticket to Support… That should get someone to respond to you.


Little Mac,

Sorry I haven’ t tried out your suggestion yet but tonight I will give it a go … It seems that people had the same experience. Maybe the problem indeed disappears when I reboot my PC : I’ll see what happens and let you know.

BTW do you know where on the comodo homepage I can download the latest BETA versions ? I have to wait until this site tells me there is one :

Apparently there is a new one out now, but is it the latest and there is no changelog added ???


No problem; give it a whirl tonight, and see what the results are. Be sure to post an update. Hopefully you will have great joy and all will be well… :slight_smile: I’ll keep my fingers crossed, as long as I can still type… :wink:

The BETAs can only be downloaded thru the forums here:,40.0.html. Comodo only puts the final release on their main website (that’s my understanding, anyway). I know they’re currently focusing a lot on language translations with these BETAs; they’re putting new ones out every Tuesday/Thursday, with language updates. In addition, they are addressing some other issues. I have not seen Avast! issues specifically listed, but they may not have worded it in that way.

If you decide that you want to participate in the BETA project, you will need to uninstall your current version prior to installing the next one. Keep in mind, however, that being a BETA means there could be some unknown glitches; user-testing is part of the process to iron those out (but you have to be able/willing to take on that possibility) - I advise reading thru the bug reports in the Beta Corner to see what other users are experiencing.


Woohoo! Glad that worked! Time to celebrate… :■■■■

Now, since you have found such joy & happiness, would you do the following: Go to your original post in this topic, to “Edit” (icon of a finger on lower right); add “[Resolved]” to the Subject line, either before or after your original text. This way other users know they can look for a potential solution.

Regarding the languages as an add-on… If you browse through the CPF Beta Corner for each new release of the next Beta version, look at the first post on each (which will be from Umesh). If you see a line of text like this:

Comodo Firewall | Get Best Personal Firewall Software for $29.99 A Year

You will see it says “Addon” to indicate that it’s the language only…

I do not know exactly how this works - if you download the most recent Beta (v. in English, but want to Add Chinese to it… I’m not sure how that will function. Perhaps all language support is included from all previous versions. I’ll see what I can find out, and let you know…

I do note on this page,4351.0.html where Umesh says that CPF version 2.4 is currently scheduled to release on December 26th, with all 12 languages. This should be referring to a final release, I think.



I think this may be your answer:

Quoted from Umesh…

“5) There is a language icon on top tool bar in Comodo Firewall, it lists down all the installed languages, you can select the language from that but changes will take place when you restart firewall application. We are working on it to make it change on the fly.”

This was stated in the release notes for Beta So that should apply for every version since.

If it doesn’t, start a new thread, if you don’t mind, so that the topics/questions are kept separate for easy search & find by other users.


Little Mac,

I did add the word resolved into the subject line !! (S)

Ok, I’m glad it worked for you.
I will lock this thread since your issue is resolved.