Comodo Alternate Data Stream Block Eject drive

Eject Drive error after copy file that contain Alternate Data Stream from Comodo named “CmdTcID” “CmdZnID”.

When i connect external drive [WD Blue 1T] and copy file to my desktop or just open it. i cannot eject drive after that.
If doesn’t have ADS file in root drive i can eject drive normaly. Don’t tell me to turn off any feature because i already test it.It doesn’t help.

on Windows 10 x64 1803 10.0.17134.286
Comodo Firewall

PS. Can i stop Comodo create ADS in my file? or please ask me before modify !!

CIS doesn’t create or use these streams anymore, so those were left from CIS v8 series. You should use streams from sysinternals to remove those alternate data streams or any other program that can delete/remove ADS.

Doesn’t create ADS ? Why i can’t remove ADS while running Comodo? need to remove Comodo before remove ADS.
PS. or Please fix Comodo to allow us to remove ADS.

I found this problem too. I can’t remove ADS named “CmdTcID” “CmdZnID”.
Sound like my file infected by something from Comodo CIS.

It’s not an infection. Those Alternative Data Streams were added by an older version of CIS. Later versions should remove them when they come across ADS information of CIS.

Not infection !!? Why Comodo don’t allow us to remove it ??? That is my file!!
Just fix it.!

It’s not an infection.

When neede temporarily install CIS (don’t forget to export your profile to a folder that is not part of the CIS installation folder) and get rid off those left over ADS entries. You won’t see them ever again once they are gone.

Or you could try doing a full scan of the drive hoping CIS will remove the ADS it finds.

On a side note. Windows does a lousy job ejecting external hard drives. I once looked into it and came to the conclusion that Windows is keeping taps on files that it cannot release no matter what you do. Linux was said to be capable to release the taps it keeps on files on external drives.

Edit: typo fixes.

EricJH, Useless reply. You don’t answer me. " Why Comodo don’t allow us to remove ADS ? "
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