comodo allowing trojan install with no notification

I am running the latest version of Comodo , just downloaded the whole thing 2 months ago . I am not getting notification when something tries to download , my settings are all at the highest level for the virus scanning . Every few days Comodo finds between 22 and 35 trojans and heuristicaly suspicious files … it is also set to automatic quarantine and that is only happening part of the time … anyone have a clue why it suddenly is not working ? thanks

Please give as much information s possible about your system and settings so we can try understanding better what is happening.

One of the critic of CIS v3 was the amount of popups generated, so in V4 Comodo has come up with strategies to reduce the amount of notifications. One of them is to implement sandbox as an extra layer of security while lowering the firewall to ignoring outgoing traffic and concentrating only on incoming.

If you want to tighten the firewall by restoring 2 way filtering, you must change CIS configuration to Proactive Security (right click on the systray icon > Configuration) and also change the firewall mode to Custom Policy. From there you should start getting more popups.

As per the automatic quarantine, I can’t say. Maybe it is related to the sandbox?

Hope I answered at least part of the question.


thanks so much I am sure that must be part of it . I am concerned because Comodo isnt known for letting things through like that . I will take your suggestions with many thanks and post more info shortly . thanks Debbie

You said that Comodo detects 22 and 35 files with the AV. This sounds like your system might be infected. Why not try out a few of the programs in this list and let us know the results.
What You Need To Know About Removing Infections and Securing Your Computer

If you believe that at least some of these files are false positives please report them here to find out:

You will receive an email within a day letting you know of the results.

As per CIS as a whole, what is your overall setting. Are you running proactive. Also I don’t believe Comodo will warn you when something tries to download. It will however alert you when it attempts to install.

this is the version of comodo I am running D4CA30BFE2A94fce8E2EC899A0A56C0E


data base sig version is 4323

I am running xp with svc pack 3
amd 64 X2 mobile technology TL-52 1.60 GHz 1.87 GB ram and about 76 % free space on my c drive .

I also run
Malware bytes
hijack this

both of those products show clear , but I just scanned with Comodo and removed all the junk .
thanks Chiron that page has a ton of information on it . Perhaps I am confused about not allowing to download and not allowing to install . I just remember the old comodo always alerting me to odd behavior and catching this stuff and now there is no warning , it isnt caught untill the scan happens . There is no other sign of infection , the computer isnt slow , there are only the same twenty nine processes running that have always run , HIjack this swears its clean in the running processes , Malware bytes doesnt come up with anything . I will try some of the other suggestions on the page you directed me to . THanks muchly you two :slight_smile:
Bulgroz I did make all those changes and oh my yes I have pop ups now I can tell you lol .

Did you also set Heuristics to High? If you did that makes the AV awfully chatty. It is best to keep set to Low.

Version 3.14 is not the latest version, CIS is now at 4.0 :-\

thank you all . yes I do have heuristics set high , and I have added Comodo Cloud scanner and Hitmanpro both of which did not locate any viruses tho the Cloud scanner insisted that part of my ati was a virus , so I uploaded that . I am amazed that there is another version of Comodo so fast , I just downloaded this one perhaps 6 weeks ago ! lol good job Comodo! thanks again happy computing !