COMODO all version got some net connections issue


any comodo version i use NEVER make this (and simmer) plugin to work , some times u have to wait almost 1 minute till it connect to any radio station in your list , some time it will NEVER connect.

just to make thing right , there are some plugins that reqired net access and fails in comodo.

its gratuitous to mention its work fine on google chrome.

ok post update according to how to submit a bug station from above link doesn’t load / load slowly
2.i disable all plugins even , and dragon new feature in “under the hood” , none helps
3.this bug goes for all dragon version , last test was on 17.3
4.all plugins where disabled during my bug test
5.tested on windows 7 sp1 x64
6.UAC is disable allways.
7.dragon was installed in his default location on drive C:\Program Files (x86)\Comodo\Dragon
8. User privileges IS administrator
9.installed google chrome 17 (stable) , with google chrome bug never Happens

This is a double post of your existing topic here. Double posting is not allowed on the forums.

I realize that you likely reposted here due to Captainsticks’ suggestion of making a bug report, but in order for a bug report to do any good, you need to supply more information. Merely adding your OS to your copy/paste of an existing post does not cut it.

As Captainsticks suggested, your post should follow these guidelines if you want your bug fixed: How to Submit Bug Reports

i see , but this is so basic bug that u will see it like u see the sun every day , just add the plugin or any like it (radio base) to dragon and see that it cant connect to any station Immediately or at all (matter of luck) :wink:

But it’s not simple…

I’ve installed the extension and it works just fine. Radaghast has also mentioned in your other thread that it works fine for him as well.

This would indicate that the problem is something to do with your specific setup. This is why the bug reports are supposed to contain data relevant to your system and browser installation.

Without more information, there is absolutely no hope in recreating the bug, therefore it will not get fixed.

[size=10pt]post fix / updated to how to Submit Bug Reports[/size]

Thank you for updating your first post. :slight_smile:
Hope this issue gets looked into and fixed by the Developers.