Comodo Agent - High CPU Usage (v2.3.4.45) [Resolved]

[Resolved] - Just stopped using Opera Browser and it’s been over about a week and haven’t had that problem since. LOL That’s a good enough fix for me.

Thanks for everyone who looked into this for me.

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Hey All,

Anyone else experiencing random high CPU usage with cmdagent.exe with v The last version before the update (2.2.011 I think) didn’t do this. I’ve included some images to give an idea of what I’m seeing.

This is what I’ve done to troubleshoot so far:

  • Terminated Avast!, it’s services and shields (I was thinking Avast and Comodo weren’t playing nice together)

  • Terminated Peer Guardian

  • Opened Opera Browser and monitored cmdagent.exe…it shot up (see image)

  • Closed Opera Browser, cmdagent.exe still eating cpu cycles minutes after Opera closed.
    (ps- Opera was just an example application, I could have used Firefox or other and gotten the same results)

:-X edit: It seems that the Opera Browser is one thing that causes this every time upon startup, use and closing it…still testing though. Doesn’t happen with Firefox and IE 6. :-\

edit: Man! Now it IS doing it with FireFox (; it wasn’t before. Keeping fingers crossed that the pending CPF update will solve this perplexling issue. Thanks Comodo Team in advance for your efforts.

That’s not the only time, but it happens everytime when Opera is used…hope that made sense.

Again, any others experiencing this (esp. for Opera or Opera Portable)? Please see pictures, and thanks for your suggestions .


edit: forgot my system specs:

  • XP Pro SP2, updated patches etc.
  • Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.00GHz
  • 1 Gig RAM

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I’ll keep an eye on cmdagent.exe & report back later. But, I’ve not noticed anything so far.

BTW I also use avast! & I’ve not had any problems with CPF & avast!

There is another thread somewhere about high CPU usage. But, I think that was on a previous beta version.

I believe they are addressing this issue and will be taken care of Tuesday some time in updates.



I wouldn’t blame it all on CPF. Ihave IE, Firefox,and Opera 9.0.1. Opera uses 100% CPU and takes 12-15 seconds to open. Saw in the Opera forums were this would be corrected in the next Opera release. Will wait and see.

Now I have Avast Home Edition, Opera + Firefox + IE, but could not see such a behavior. CmdAgent calculates the signature of files while matching. It also watches file system events for file modifications etc(an optimization to avoid recursive file system accesses). AV software may initially cause some CPU load(about 40% with some spikes) for these operations but only the first few minutes after system boots. Then it should stabilize itself and remain constant unless there are new components + applications not cached yet.

AV settings shoud have some effects.

cmdagent.exe ofcourse is expected to eat some CPU cycles. It is the main guardian for your PC. If there is a system slowdown as if you are using Skype.exe, then this type of behavior is not common. But i dont see anything like that in your system.



I had to leave my online game of Half Life due to the constant computer drain…I’ve been out for a few minutes now, quit Steam launcher and cmdagent.exe is still @ 40% cpu usage…so I’m at a loss. Thanks for everyone looking into this though…I don’t really want to go back to 2.0.11, but…

ok, it finally quieted down…for now, lol.

cmdagent.exe version is: → is this the correct one (It should be since I installed it fresh, but couldn’t hurt to check), thanks.

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What I’m using is on my sig. I’ve been monitoring cmdagent.exe for over 6 hours now & I haven’t seen any high CPU usage with a duration of > 0.5 seconds.

My cmdagent.exe is version 2.03.0000.0015 & that seems to be the same as yours.

I’m temporarily back to v and Comodo Agent Service is working fine.

Guess what I’ll do is wait for the patched version of and let everyone know how it goes (crosses fingers).

I’m not giving up CPF that easy! Please keep up the quality work, I appreciate it.

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Update: Wife updated CPF for me to new version today…how nice of her. (:TNG)

Still finding the prolonged high cpu usage with cmdagent.exe, not constantly mind you but lasting for minutes before going back to 0%.

I also found out cmdagent.exe likes Logical Proccesor #2 of my P4 (see screenshot showing the program CPU Idle in the systray). It doesn’t seem to use much, if any of Logical Proccesor #1.

So , thought I’d pass that on as a clue. Hope it helps, if not oh well :slight_smile:

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Hi… Thought I’d put my two pence in… When you install and have to create rules I find that once I’ve rebooted a few times everything was much faster. I think it’s just CPF getting used to how your system works and applying the appropriate automatic rules. All is good now and can’t wait for the 2.3.5 update in about 8 hours time.


New build v2.3.5.62 seems alot better. It only does the crazy CPU hogging thing after using Opera Portable 9.01 for me. Yes, I stopped using it…lol.

AFTER using then closing Opera Portable 9.01 cmdagent.exe starts to hog cpu, even with other programs…

Then I reboot and everthing seems fine.

If anyone is brave/bored could someone try this and see what happens for you? Maybe it’s just the P4 (Northwood) chipset, dunno. I’m not worried too much about it since I always have FireFox, at this point I’m just curious now. Lemme know…

Here’s a link to Opera Portable: Opera@USB : EN : download your free version of mobile Opera:



I’ve found that my AV can be easily closed, so I went to its forum and found this: Early code drop from avast 5 for you to test :-).
After I had installed this “avast process execution prevention module”, I’ve got something that is shown on my screenshots (I’ve attached them).

ProcessExp.png - shows high activity of cmdagent.exe (I didn’t attached Task Manager’s screenshot cause it’s translated to russian, but there is the same thing)
ConnectionsWindow.png - Activity->Connections window. This table was static.
LogsWindow.png - Activity->Logs window.

I had to uninstall AntiKill driver, but I don’t like it because some virus can stop my AV now.
Please, do something.


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Hey man, I’m using Opera too (single cpu celeron) and it’s working fine here, no CPU ussage and opera is open in 2 seconds (:KWL)

If I have to choose between Comodo and Opera, I’d choose opera… :wink: Tro to uninstall Opera, erase its application data folder and folder in program files and do a clean install. Try it, it might help. Also opera 9.02 is out (:WAV)