comodo add blocker

the only thing thats stopping me to switch to comodo from kaspersky 2011 is the fact
*kaspersky ad blocker is great also blocks ads in videos EG youtube add before your video streams
*safe mode does not work in comodo like most payed and other free AV
*if comodo got a add blocker i be happy yo pay for it as long as it di…d just as good of a job

please answer comodo this post if u can i like to know if your going to add 1

Hey and warm welcome to comodo forums! :slight_smile:

First of all you have to understand how comodo works and it’s philosophy. Comodo’s philosophy is to keep a clean computer clean. I can tell you that downloaded malware won’t harm your computer unless they are run by user or self executive. Defense + will give you an alert when an unknown application tries to run and you can also configure d+ so that it gives you warnings even when you install a safe and known application.

If you ask me Comodo has everything that a IS needs to have. Webb shield and other stuff are good but it’s using resources that is not really needed. CIS uses 120 MB if not less for being IS.

if you have a wish for comodo to product make a thread here.

Valentin N

Considerably less than 120MB… :wink:

How much may I ask? I am lazy to look it up ;D

Are you using firefox as your browser.?
If so there is the adblock extension you can use.
There are a few extensions you can use as well as using the excellent CIS.
I highly recommend comodo.its the best out there and low on resources too.
Mine is running at 10mb at the moment.

Many Regards.

Currently on my system, CFP.exe is using just over 8MB and cmdagent.exe is just over 6MB. So combined around 15MB.

The Ads are annoying, but you can use Firefox or Chrome with AdblockPlus. It works well. Web shields are pretty, but useless.

CFP.exe 3.5 Mb on my machine.

Extra: zune.exe 82 Mb? what? Good job MS.

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!ot! Right at this moment on my machine
Cfp.exe using 3-4 Mb
Cmdagent.exe. using 5 Mb
These will change considerable amounts with different settings, usage and during updates etc.
Back on Topic. I would expect if Comodo was to ever make an ad blocker it would get built into Comodo Dragon. 3rd party Ad blocking extensions are available for Dragon. Comodo ad block probably not as a stand alone product and probably not built into Cis. Kind regards.
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Completely agree with you. Purpose of the CIS is to block malware; not the ads. Otherwise, it could easily become bloatware.

Exactly. I’ve always felt that ad blocking was the domain of the web browser.

!ot! CFP using 2.3MB cmdagent using 5MB (Have VMWare with 2 Machines Running)

on topic:
I think if the devs’ of dragon have time to include such feature, but if not; then it shouldn’t be required that they should include… I’m more interested in having more options for alert pages etc…


It wouldn’t take that much time to include a adblocker.

It would probably be a piddly blocker and filled with bugs. And it would probably increase memory (and CPU usage?), even when the browser isn’t running.

There are good, free ad-blockers. I’m afraid Comodo can’t do everything, and, IMHO, it should only focus on security. Generally ads aren’t malicious themselves (they might link to something, though), and if they are, Comodo IS should block anything.

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I will not saying nothing more than what you described.

Hi Laserwraith. Incorporated (into Dragon not CIS) ad-blocker would probably use less memory than a third party ad-blocker.
If it was built into Dragon and not CIS it would only use memory when browser is open. I know Comodo do focus on security, but if they want Dragon to be competitive an add-blocker would be a bonus. Half decent add-blockers memory use is minor compared to the OS and browsers. Kind regards.

The best thing to do is just make Dragon compatible with Chrome’s extensions, if it isn’t already.

It is my view that Comodo shouldn’t waste money on something that is already available and free.

Most of them are compatible. For a while there, Dragon was lagging quite a bit behind the Chrome releases so many extensions required a higher version of the browser.

Melih has expressed interest in adding AdBlock Plus for Chrome to the default installation of Dragon.

things that are frre well there alot of free anti virus out there as well why waste money in it?

you say adds are safe
what when add ask for your phone numbers ect kids enter it to get so called free ringtones
or entering a email on a banner/add
maybe if comodo 360 or total care
might add it
most pcs these days are a min or 4gb or ram any how

Lol…it’s because Comodo can and did make something better than the other free antiviruses. Partly because they don’t just use AVs, but they use HIPs and a good firewall.

However…I don’t see anything new Comodo can offer to the ad-blocking sphere. Adblock Plus can block most of those tempting ads, and the best thing is for the parents to tell the kids not to enter personal info anywhere on the web, without permission (“or the scary bad guys will hack your computer and not let you play games”).

Comodo Internet Security is good at what it does because not much else is similar and free (and not many paid programs are similar either). BUT…guess what?!..there are tons of ad-blocking programs. Some don’t work, some semi-work, and some work better than Comodo can hope to achieve in 6 months (probably).

And BTW…ever heard of netbooks and laptops? While the regular PCs often come with 4GB of RAM, many lower-end laptops don’t. And…guess what?!..some people have not bought a new computer in a few years, and are stuck with 2-3GB and 32 bit Windows.

Reading that the adblocking belong to the browser and would only get implemented into Comodo Dragon:

What about ads in msn,skype or the 7800 other apps that are bombed with ads? :confused: