Comodo Adblocker adds their own DNS servers = Privacy offensive

I have been reading the privacy policy if you ask me they do not tell you the whole truth here, it is true they do create an local VPN an no traffic and data is transmitted to them at all, I do find this not true, I now understand what the business idea is from comodo perspective.

When they create the local VPN for you they will also add comodo partners DNS servers, there is different dns servers in different countries, yesterday it was an american dns server today I got one in UK. with the DNS traffic information they can still track every website you visit, and the specific device that is used.

so I wonder how can I change DNS servers to my own ?
I know for sure that on my Huawei Mate 7 it is not possible to do it since i am unable to to change the dns to already added vpns however if I add a VPN myself manually I can put in all data, but if install it thru the apk method the whole point is that the apk will add and install the VPN for you.