Comodo acts strange with Norton Anti Virus [Resolved]

This is strange. I am new to Comodo having come over from the Bug Laden Bloated Zone Alarm.

If I have Comodo running and I launch my browser Norton Anti Virus says A worm has been detected and it blocks my computer and the internet connection stops working.

If I turn off Comodo I never get this error message.

Now the strange thing is that the Worm ?? it is talking about is coming from my ISP’s DNS Server.

Here are the details:

Intrusion: Portscan
Intruder: (It’s my ISP’s DNS Server address)
Protocol: UDP
Attacked IP: My Computer
Attacked Port: Changes every time

What could be the problem here ??


Problem sounds like Norton has some sort of webguard or firewall feature. Otherwise why would it identify a Portscan, and an IP address?

CFP doesn’t report things in that way…

Are you sure Norton is just an AV, or is it an Internet Security Suite?


Nope just AV, I avoid the suite too cumbersome and slow. It is odd, the AV does block Worms normally, but until I installed Comodo it never came up showing this error.


I’ll have to ask the basics: were other software disabled when CFP was installed? Strange effects have happened to several users in the past because of unforseen conflicts when their security programs were running during the installation process. Was ZA totally uninstalled (just in case)?

Yes ZA was fully uninstalled, registry cleaned etc. I believe Norton was running however when installed. No way to fully disable it I don’t believe.


I disabled NAV in Msconfig, and did a clean Ibstall of Comodo. I have not had that error since.

Strange, but it is humming along now.

The one thing so far that REALLY impresses me compared t ZA, is how quickly it loads at bootup. Never did know why ZA took forever. It is a pleasant change. Nice to know that there is such a good alternative product out there.

Thanks PC Magazine.

Great, JamesGreystone! I’ll mark this topic as “Resolved” for other users’ benefit, then. If you find you’re still having this issue, just PM a Moderator (please include a link) and we’ll reopen the topic for you.