Comodo 6 and Sanboxie: any conflicts?

Hi. I am old user of Comodo. I would like to know if Comodo 6 is compatible with Sandboxie. Now I have Avast free, Sandboxie and Comodo (without AV). Thanks.

As a rule of thumb we tell to expect compatibility issues when running two type of the same security solutions at the same time.

I use sandboxie, but no sandbox from comodo. Cant remember incombatibility when using both.

But funny opposite “bug”:
For a while years ago sandboxie did not function anymore when i uninstalled comodo :smiley:
Luckily comodo was good. So i kept it installed anyway…

Thank You, EricJH and clockwork. As far as I don’t have any problem with Comodo 5 and Sandboxie , maybe I am going to stick to this version of Comodo 5.10 (\Device\KsecDD and ?:* settings) and Sandboxie 3.76. Good luck for both of You (and for Comodo community and Melih). Skal