Comodo 5 updates

Have today downloaded Comodo 5 IS. Why when I try to do a virus scan does it download the update signatures of the original 104MB every time. It is gobbling up my bandwidth big time! When it does download and install it gets to 99% of installation and then tells me its failed and to check internet connectivity which is always on! :cry:

Try manually downloading and installing the initial database as described in this post.

Where can i download the latest full AV database?

Thanks for your reply. I like the concept of Comodo IS Premium, but why should one have problems with it like the above post? I also did a full scan and the was accepted, but when I reopen CIS it tells me a full scan is necessary again! It does not seem to hold any commands in memory! Have un-installed and gone back to Sygate firewall and Avast a/v!

I can’t say why that happened. It is definitely not a normal occurrence.

I have a similar problem and just can’t install the update. I disable my antivirus (avg) and then the update starts. But it gets to “fileid.cav” and stops and tells me that “the internet connection was gracefully closed”.

Which is a weird way to tell me that it won’t continue. So - how do I update ???