Comodo 5.8 & Avast 6 Static Test

Static test with fresh 100 zeroday malware from MDL, malwareblacklist, malc0de & cleanmx.

Comodo 5.8 fully updated default settings.
Avast 6 fully updated default settings.

I downloaded & saved the malware in a folder by renaming the malware as 1,2,3… as per the malware links i.e link 1 - malware - 1, link 2 - malware - 2…coz I decided after right click scan, I will try the leftover malware links against Avast’s Webshield & Networkshield & Comodo’s DNS.

Right Click Scan

Avast File Shield - 61/100
39 malware missed. I tried all the 39 malware links against Avast’s Shields.
Shields - 15/39
Total - 76 — Missed 24

Comodo AV - 70/100
30 malware missed. I tried all the 30 malware links against Comodo’s DNS Service.
DNS - 4/30
Total - 74 — Missed 26

Comodo & Avast coz I use both AV’s on different systems. Both are my favourite free AV’s.

Attached is the malware links if anyone want to test or for any reasons. At the time of test all the links were working.


Attachment removed as per forum policy.

So, what you’re saying is that the attached TXT file contains URL’s to LIVE malware? Huh?

Yes !

Oh I remember now, no live malware or malware links in the forum.

Sorry frds.

I will delete it.

Thanxx for reminding me.


Indeed. Say you have it and you will supply it on request or something. That’s much better. :P0l

Actually CIS does not have a web shield like Avast…so lets try something: disable avast web shield and Comodo dns and see wich one is more effective protecting you against zero day malware.
Avast has a behaviour blocker and an integrated sandbox afaik…and CIS has its D+ and automatic sandbox…they start on pair…

I have tested this a lot of times i.e Avast Realtime Only i.e OnAccess Scanner & Comodo Realtime Only i.e OAccess Scanner. And everytime Comodo Won.