Comodo 4 beta and MSN messenger windows 7 (messenger wont go to tray)

Hi, im using the last beta (the one that ends 679).

This was working fine before. But idk if this can be considered a program bug…

On my x64 system when i turn compatibility mode (windows vista) to MSN Messenger it should go to tray (notification area) when minimizing, but it doesnt :S (if i unistall comodo it works fine). Also if i KILL cmdagent.exe and cfp.exe (aka no COMODO) it wont work, only works if i unistall.

I have a laptop with windows 7 x86 and the same comodo version and its working fine.

Idk if comodo 3.0 works, but i dont want to go back to comodo 3 :/.

Some1 else has this problem or knows a workaround?

PD: Not using sandbox, i like it, but not stable yet. Messenger its safe application too.


Not sure why you’d run Live Messenger in compatibility mode, but mine runs fine and does not place any icon in the system tray, instead placing it on the left side with the quick start items (always did with Win7).

(Windows 7 Ultimate x64, CIS, Messenger version 2009 build 14.0.8189.726)

Yeah i know, but i dislike the only-icon thing, and i put icons+text in taskbar. I also use a multi-desktop app, so i like messenger to be on systray (@ the clock), the trick n windows7 its up messenger on compatibility mode, and it will go to system tray, but not with this comodo tho :(.

Another user had this problem with comodo 3.0 thats why i tested with comodo 4.0 and found it was it (altho only happens in one of my pcs).

Thx for answering

There is a Final release of Comodo 4, but this bug stills there :frowning: and i hate the msn icon on iconbar… i already tried to put the executable file on trusted files but still i cant put the icon to go to the tray (i guess Comodo Defense+ is blocking the compatibility mode)

with comodo CIS 4 and win7 64 bit i have also problem with emule…only if i close comodo firewall open doors otherwise i haven’t connection with server…:frowning:

Dacorsa please start a topic in the Firewall help board.