Comodo Where is this product at and is it the latest?

Hello, and just want to know, is Comodo being further developed?
I am not seeing error with the product thus far, but has many defects of not working in certain areas, namely only 2.

1: System Backup shows your default location to backup to, but automagically will pick a Different location of its own, when you start a backup.
Example, I have a system, with master Sata drive being drive 3, and 2 IDE drives being drive 1 and 2 and a Firewire drive as possible backup locations. Additionally I have a NAS drive in the LAN which is where I specify it to go.
i want to use that as my location to store the image. Well it shows that location when I apply the settings and such, but never goes there. Instead it goes to 2 other possible areas. Either to drive 1, or to the firewire drive.
To get around this you can only go to the Advanced backup and walk into the entire process. Then it is ok. So needs to be fixed so that the 1 button System Backup does what it should do.

2: After install of WAIK which is fine, and much retries I was FINALLY able to get it to create a Rescue CD which I chose ISO to have for future use. Sounds good thus far. Ok, burned the CD and booted from it. All fine, but its a total disaster. The booted CD first off, did not display the interface to be able to make use of it, as the graphic resolution is way off, and you cannot see the interface. My system is not really odd, as it is an ACER Veriton, with an Nvidia Geforce 210 video card. Nothing too special. Functionally it appears to be ok, but since the graphics are not useable, one cannot get anywhere. So while it is a working product, I just cant use it because of that. Truly needs to be setup to detect the hardware much better. Or as stated by many others, you would be so much better to just have the create rescue option to download a tried and tested ISO image that is the latest version of the software.

Otherwise if you were to correct these flaws along with to eliminate having to constantly restart it, then it has hope.
What is also really interesting is that it sees Linux and is able to supposedly backup Linux (ext4) and the swap partition. Even though no claims are made to this being there. Now frankly to date, I have not thus far attempted to restore anything yet.

For the moment it may meet my needs as a diffrential backup solution for everyday use. I havent even touched any of the restore functions just yet.

So there may still yet exist this to become a great piece of software. But the competition has you blown away for the moment. Nothing in the FREE world compares, so I give HATS OFF to creating something your giving away, as a product that could crush the completion.
Its closest rival would probably be Macrium but that lacks MANY things this software is way beyond it. And Acronis might be a closer solution but it is only paid software, and cannot begin to compare as well beyond that it can be held highly for easiest to use but has nothing free about it, that works inside of windows.

Which also begs the question of there being a Linux based version? Because if there is one, it could be a MAJOR stepping stone forward in that platform.
Because it seems to see Linux underneath windows anyhow.