Comodo Revision Number Macro


I’m using Comodo Backup to save laptop backups. The destination path is on a file server from our company’s LAN.

I’m trying to do a full backup and 5 incrementals. After the 5th incremental backup, I want to re-start the cycle (full + 5 incrementals).

According with Comodo Help and searchs on this forum, I configure a incremental backup profile using macros at step 3.
Exactly I’m using DATE3, TIME and REV_NO_MAX macros, because I want to have differents .cbu files for each day.

The problem is that the revision number is not incremented after de 5th incremental, so the sixth remains an incremental backup, not a full.

I tried to save backups on a single .cbu file (not using DATE3 and TIME macros, only the REV_NO_MAX macro), but results are the same. The revision number is never incremented and revision number is always 000001, so I never get a full backup that starts a new cycle of backups.

Any suggestions?


Sorry, I forgot to say that the backup task is a daily scheduled task. I configured a profile backup and then I scheduled it.

I’m glad I’m not the only one not understanding how this macro works. I’m trying to create a full backup and then have incremental (or differential) backups with a new number in the file name each day. I don’t want all my backups to be saved in the same file. I’ve yet to figure out how to do this. The numbers never increment.

This feature used to work as both you guys assumed it should. Unfortunately, the abominable support team for comodo backup released an update that broke this macro. It no longer works as it should, or as it did in the previous versions. Comodo support will soon reply to this thread saying sorry for the problem and they will fix it in the next update. Which they won’t. Do yourself a favor and find a new backup program - this one is plagued with bugs that do not get addressed.