Comodo 3 not startin with XP

New on the forum, not new to Comodo or firewalls in general.

Every 3 or 4th boot Comodo v does not load (?) on startup

If you go and uncheck the “Load on Startup” box, and then go back and check it again, it fixes the issue for the next 3-4 boots. Then repeat above 3 to 4 days later.

Is this a known issue? .

I have only found one other post on the forums regarding this issue.


This is actually and XP problem and not Comodo. Its happens to me sometimes with my Logietch Setpoint, Avira and others. Has never happened to me with Comodo but try this. Right click on the taskbar and untick “lock the taskbar”. Then right click again on the taskbar and select properties. Click customize under then taskbar tab. Under current items make all of the “always show”. Then click apply and close that out and relock the taskbar. Then unlock the taskbar and go back into where you were and click “restore defaults”. Reboot.

Besides what Vettetech suggests, there is also an issue in XP in which having too many autostart apps will result in some tray icons not appearing, although the processes have been correctly loaded. Perhaps in your case this is what is happening. I solved this problem with StartRight.

same thing has been happening to me the past few days but i checked the running processes. cmdagent.exe and cfp.exe are running - just no icon. (ver

Its best if you have the latest version. 277 was awhile ago. Please install 329 and report back.

I used ghost to go back to before the problem started and it seems to be gone - must have been another program I installed conflicting with something.

I do need to upgrade to the latest version though - thanks.

yes you should always have the latest version of any program. It includes fixes.