Comodo 3 crashes using Miscellaneous/Help ( XP Pro)

If i open “Miscellaneous / (HTML) help / Miscellaneous Overview / Browse Support Forums” and cklick at the URL “” Comodo 3 crashes!!! I must restart the Firewall (NOT reboot).

At this way it seems verry easy for hackers to close / crash the firewall… or not ???


Firewall V3 ( XP Pro)
I also have this problem. Mine crahes wherever I try to access the help file from. Not just miscellaneous.

Same problem here, just accessing help from anywhere within comodo causes it to crash. (:SAD) Is there any way to download the user guide instead?

In “View Defense+ Events” I find the program, that crashes the cpf.exe => drwatson32.exe

My Process Explorer shows the following: DrWatson Postmortem-Debugger
Command-Line: C:\WINDOWS\system32\drwtsn32 -p 4060 -e 1620 -g (or other numbers -p xxxx -e xxxx).

Disable Defense+ complete or disable monitor settings => change nothing !!! It crashes.

I think, that is a Task for the Comodo developer.


Exact same problem here…

I have the exact same problem on two different computers. Hope we get a fix real soon for this bug!

Hi Guys,

Yes it will be fixed next week.



that happend to me on my first try with V3, then it went away! now it comes up but i get an error, but i’m not worried about it.

After I’ve detected this error, I’ve went back with good old v2.4…

Now wasn’t that a bit quick? :slight_smile: But of course it’s your choice. For me, this bug only came up once - I rebooted and it disappeared.

Anyway, glad to hear that it’ll be fixed next week.


Is that just the crashes that result from trying to view the help file, or will it be all the crashes in general? Because on my pc, it’s crashed 4 times in 24 hours, crashed while viewing logs, crashed while doing nothing, crashed when trying to fine tune rules…


Gone back to v2.4 after media center stopped working after updating to v3.

Same here… also on 2 different computers. Whenever I try to access Help files, regardless of which screen or module I’m in, CPF crashes.


Same here when trying to access help from within comodo it crashes, tried a reinstall and everything fine once then next try it crashed again.

To view the help files open/run
/windows/Program%20Files/comodo/firewall/cfp.chm" where "” is probably c:// and cfp.chm will be listed as a “compiled html help file”

Copy and paste this intu the RUN box from the start button if you have “c” as your windows drive

C:\Program Files\Comodo\Firewall\cfp.chm


Just got an update and the help files problem has been cured for me