Comodo 3 and utorrent

Assuming your modem hands out IP addresses in the 192.168.1.x range you can set for example for your fixed IP address. Follow the guides at the Portforward site on how to do so.

Don’t forget to add the IP address to the uTorrent rule. Then you should be good to go.


to my knowledge, being that I do not use a router and that I’m connected directly to the Internet, the only IP I’m aware of, is my dynamic IP. I’m not sure what other IP your telling me to use to create this static IP, if not the one I know of. Also, the issue of a static IP being added, was not the case in the previous version of CPF. That was simply a matter of allowing that port/app.

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Hi FI,

What do you exactly mean by “port not open”? You don’t get the green checkmark?
A year ago I posted a tutorial on how to set up the global rules for uttorent. It is exactly what Eric and Ronny told you but with screenshots. click here

If it still doesn’t work you may also check your application rules for utorrent had you accidentally blocked it there.
Btw you don’t need to mess with the IP as you noticed it is probably dynamic. Just leave “any” at the destination address field.
Hope it helps


May be I am making a mistake in my story about local and public IP address.

Can you show me the result of the ipconfig /all as described in the tutorial at


regarding the first screenshot, I never received a pop-up from CPF firewall to remember each time. I have no idea if that’s the problem

Forza, are you sure you want to post all that info publicly?

Thx. I see where I went astray. You are on a modem only, cable iirc, and i assumed the modem would be handing out interal IP addresses (I had seen something similar with ADSL on modem only).

For Destination address you can fill in what is reported for your IP Address.


Thank you so much. For some reason I was thinking I PMed that information, it’s off now.



That IP gives me the same thing, can’t find the open port.

Make uTorrent a Trusted program in Application rules under Network Security Policy.

Thank you for the help, sorry for all the sadness.



Is it working now with uTorrent using the Trusted rule in Application rules?

When that doesn’t help try changing the port in uTorrent to a random port number > 50.000. This is for the case your provider would be blocking standard ports.

I reread the topic and saw on the screenshot you provided that the Global rules you are using are properly set up; we lost quite some time with the IP address thing…

Assuming the IP address is properly set all I can think of are two causes. Your ISP blocking certain ports or another security program running that interferes. Make sure Windows Firewall is disabled. Try disabling all other security programs that run in the background; what security programs do you have?

It’s all working correctly now. Do you think it was because of the alert I never received to remember this application. Microsoft firewall is off, and the only other security apps running are BOClean and NOD32.

Thank you for everything :slight_smile: