Comodo 3 and utorrent

After installing utorrent, then following this, utorrent is still unable to find the port. I re-installed utorrent and again followed that link to a tee, still no open port. I verified I had the correct utorrent port, and it says it uses random ports. Could someone please help me with this? What am I missing?

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You should set uTorrent to use a fixed port for incoming traffic.

That port should then be made “visible” from the internet to your pc thus allowing TCP/UDP in traffic to that port.

you’re telling me I can change the default port? Unbelievable!!

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I’m sorry ? where did i say that ?

Well thats what I understood. It’s no secret I need the help :slight_smile:

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You can choose what port you like with uTorrent and other p2p clients. They are not carved in stone.

Did you also open a port on your router? What type of connection are you on by the way?

I have a cable connection, no router and I tried a different port number, it still isn’t found. I have no clue what else could be blocking utorrent.



You can select “some” port number you like, this screenshot uses 12345 as an example.
Select anything you like above 1024.

Now make sure that your global policy allows this port for IN traffic.
Then check your application policy that it also allows that port for IN traffic.

That should do the trick.

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That tutorial is a bit unclear about opening ports in Comodo.

Go to Firewall → Advanced → Network Security Policy → Global rules. Now add a new rule for uTorrent.

Choose Add → and edit the following:
Action: Alllow
Protocol: TCP or UDP
Direction: in
Description: Port rule for uTorrent
Source address: Any
Destination address: your internal IP address when it is a fixed address or use the MAC address of your network adapter
Source port: Any
Destination port: the port you set in uTorrent

When done → Apply. Look at the rules and make sure the uTorrent rules is somewhere above the basic block rule at the bottom. Then push Apply and try again.

Make sure the ports set the same for both the general rule and the application rule.

Ronny and EricJH,

I did both your suggestions and the port still doesn’t appear to be open. One thing I forgot and I don’t know if it matters, the tutorial says to re-start utorrent when finished and I should receive an alert and tell it to remember this application. I never did receive that.



Can you show us a screenshot of both the Global rules and the uTorrent rule you use?

I hope this is what you requested.

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Hi Fi,

Almost, can you check that Source = Any, Src Port = Any, Dst Port = “the port number you chose for uTorrent” ?

That’s correct,

DP=30174, which is what I set in utorrent

DA I put my IP address, is that correct?


You need to enter your internal IP address; it needs to be set as a fixed internal IP address.

I entered my IP, not really sure what you mean about internal fixed?


When connecting to the internet your modem will get an IP address. The computer(s) behind the modem will get an IP address by the modem thatare reserved for local networks; a so called internal IP address (the internal IP addresses are not used on the internet).

In oirder to have a portforward to function properly you need set the internal IP address to be a fixed address: How to Set a Static IP Address on Various Systems . Follow this guide about getting a fixed IP address and fill it in in CIS.

You will find lot of useful information at

I guess I’m more clueless than I thought. Since the IP I was using is for the Internet, I don’t want to use that. So what IP do I use?



Go to the page I provided to learn more about static IP address and how to set it. Does that tutorial help?

I’m following that page, without problem. I just figured after reading your reply that the Internet IP isn’t the same as the fixed I need, I should follow those steps with the wrong IP. According to steps up through 9 I would be using my Internet IP. Which led me to that question.

Also, I don’t have a router, if the fixed IP pertains to that.

TY :slight_smile: