Comodo 3.9 and Norton Ghost conflict

after installing the new update of CIS 3.9 I got heavy problems with my System (I use WinXP SP3).
And moreover a system restore with Norton Ghost 12 became nearly impossible.
Norton Ghost always proclames the following error:

error ED800012 ( CRC check )

Afterwards it was impossible to use any System restorepoint of Norton Ghost - and I was shure that former restorepoints were in order and worked sometime ago. I further couldn´t use the LightsOut Restore of Norton Ghost - that means even without starting windows !!! (Comodo 3.9 must have disturbed the System deeply).

The only way to install the old restorepoints was going this way:
Starting Norton Ghost with the recovery CD; then using CHCKDSK to repair some Hard-Disk-Partitions (which were in order bevor installing the comodo update - don´t know what happend there); then starting the system-recovery an choose the restorepoints “manually”; important: change the options of each restore point in “checking the image befor the recovery - no”; “checking the recovery afterwards - no”. Then it worked.

I now still use CIS 3.8 and I have no problems.
I testetd the conflict several times. Allways after installing update 3.9 I got the discribed problems.

Greetings from churchy

Instead Of Updating, Try Installing CIS 3.9 As A Fresh Install And Check Whether You Face This Issue

I tried this as well - but it was the same.

If Possible Check After Disabling D+ Permanently And Restarting The System

No, no, I´m happy that my system is working again and I fear that updating to 3.9 will confuse my Ghost-Images again and other things.
I will wait for a better update of comodo. There are many other problems with the version 3.9 as you can see in a lot of topics.

I Understand. However, You Are Always Welcome :slight_smile:

Just remember that you will not be getting any AV updates using 3.8.