Comodo 3.15 for vista uninstall issue

I had older version of Comodo 3 for vista business 32 bit which worked perfectly, until I installed Ver 3.15 and it started giving message that Network firewall not working properly. So when I unstalled one Dll failed and it did not uninstall version 3.15, I tried it several times and even rebooted the machine. I had no choice but to delete the entire Comodo folder from the harddrive, Now Comodo says older version exists even though I have deleted it I know it must be in the registry still. Can any one help how do i get over this issue I do not know how to work with registries.



Mike, your uninstall instructions are for Windows XP not Vista. They do not work in Vista as I have tried them all many times and have a laptop down as a result of using Comodo 3 with Vista. Advise people not to use Comodo 3 with Windows Vista!

Has anyone worked out how to uninstall comodo 3.15 from vista 32?

I really want to uninstall/reinstall to get past the loss of my internet connection after auto-update recently, but have had no joy for 2 days now.

(this is being written from an internet cafe - anger rising…)

Disable internet connection first. Then try uninstalling using the CFP uninstaller from start menu. Then after re-boot manually delete all comodo folders and files remaining in “program files” and “program data” folders. Also delete Users%username%\AppData\Roaming\Comodo\Firewall Pro.

After this run a good registry cleaner if you have one. CCleaner has a registry cleaner but this is not as powerful as some others.

Turn off on-access antivirus scanning and re-install the latest version of the firewall. Reboot when asked. I have UAC disabled.

This worked for me on Vista Home Premium 32 bit.


Follow Step 11 to search the registry and remove the remnants of CFP from your system. Be particularly careful about removing any entry containing “COM”, which is also an extension for critical Windows system files.

Good luck…it’s a shame Vista users seem to be enduring the brunt of the problems.