Comodo 3.12 freezes when I want to see any exe properties window

Hi guys.
I have a problem with Comodo Firewall 3.12.111745.560. When an application prompt to connect to the Internet, if I click on the application filename…

…doesn’t appear the file properties window. The only effect is that Comodo freezes, so I’m forced to kill and restart cfp.exe.
After this I tried several times to reinstall the Firewall, and I reached the conclusion that up to v3.11.108364.552 is all ok, while the problems comes when I update to v3.12.111745.560 (install or update).

I have Windows XP SP2 x32.

Anyone have noticed this behaviour?

What other security and programs and tools do you have running in the background? Try disabling them to see if one of them plays a role. Then enable one by one until you find the culprit

I doubt that other background processes have a role in this matter. Maybe there was Avira AntiVir in background, but anyway with Comodo 3.11 and previous I never noticed this genre of problems. What I want to say is that the 3.12 version is surely one of the causes (or THE cause). Sorry, but I would be bored to reinstall the 3.12 for the nth time, for then reinstall the 3.11 and restart another 2 times cause problems.
In Comodo 3.12 can you open the properties window clicking that hyperlink?

You can open the properties window by clicking on the hyperlink.

Can you try the following? Can you import a back up configuration and activate it. The back up profiles can be found in the Comodo installation folder. Choose the one you are currently using and import it with a different name like f.e. Comodo - Internet Security new.

Does the same thing happen?

Hi. I’m having the same problem when i click on the hyperlink.
I did what EricJH said but it didn’t work.
I don’t know what is the windows file that is used to access the hyperlink but i think that maybe it’s a windows file problem.
Thx for any help.

When you click on the hyperlink do you get an error report? Can you take a look at the Defense + logs and see if there is something logged around the time of clicking the hyper link? If so post a screenshot. The d+ logs can be found under Defense + → Common tasks → View Defense + events.

Can you also check the Windows logs to see if there is an error reported at the time of clicking the hyperlink? The Windows are under Control Panel → Administrative Tools → Event Viewer → Windows logs → now navigate to System.

Do notice that the properties screen is shown behind the alert box. Remember to move the alert box a bit and see if the properties screen is there.

Hi. Same version, same problem. Nothing behind the alert, nothings in CIS logs, nothing in windows error log. Anyone get any joy with this ? Don’t want to have to change firewalls because of this…

I have no such problem, but I am using XP Home edition with SP3.

If all three people are using SP2 it might be time to upgrade.


XP pro sp3

Any of you using a stripped, nLite, version of Windows XP?

Not I.

I’m using xp pro sp3 not stripped.


As this is still an issue for me can someone tell me if there is a location from which I can download prior versions of CIS ? From an earlier post this is relatively recent behaviour.


Try Filehippo: Download Comodo Internet Security for Windows - .


Hopefully this problem can be added to some kind of open issues list.