Comodo 3.10.101801.529 64bit and Messenger system tay issue

This is quite an unusual problem and I’ll do my best to explain it.

Im running Windows 7 64 bit Build 7232 and I do understand that this is not officially supported yet, but please bear with me. In Windows 7 I dont use the “pin program to taskbar” feature, but instead I have unlocked the old Quicklaunch feature and use that instead.

I use Windows Live Messenger (latest version) and I run this in Vista compatibility mode. The reason why I do this is because it allows a Windows Live Messenger icon to appear in notification area system tray when it would not normally be there. In turn, this allows Messenger to minimise to system tray instead of it permanently showing in taskbar even when minimised.

Up until now Comodo has had no affect on this little compatibility mode “hack” for Messenger. As soon as I installed Comodo 3.10.101801.529 and restarted my PC and re-ran Messenger, Windows Installer seems to reinstall and reconfigure messenger and it reverts back to its old behaviour of appearing in task bar when running minimised, and also there is no more system tray icon. When I go to notification area properties and have a look at its icon status, it says that it is not running.

If I uninstall Comodo, and then run Messenger, Windows Installer once again reconfigures Messenger and it goes back to showing the system tray icon. I don’t know if Comodo is breaking compatibility mode settings of Windows 7 or if it is just affecting Messenger itself.

I have installed Comodo both with and without Vista compatibility mode.

Has anyone else had this issue and can it be fixed.

Hi, It’s possible you have a configuration problem. I’ve just downloaded WLM, applied the compatibility ‘hack’ and it minimises as it should.

As you are experiencing problems with numerous pop-ups as well, it may be well to check your configuration. perhaps even a re installation…

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Thanx heaps for your reply. :slight_smile:

Ok so its working for you in your installation of Windows 7. Well thats good to know. I’ll have a bit of a play then and I might also try a fresh install of Win 7. Anything I’ve tried so far hasn’t reaped any results. Ive reinstalled Comodo 3.10 several times, and have not changed any settings. The thing I find the most weird is the way Windows Installer comes up to reconfigure Messenger, the first time I run it, after having either installed or uninstalled Comodo.

Although as small as a problem this might seem, I was concerned that Comodo maybe affecting the compatibility mode of Windows 7 in general, meaning that it may affect other programs that I may use that rely on this feature, although at this stage I have very little.

Im running firewall at a Custom level and Defence Plus at Clean PC mode. Do you have any suggestions as to what settings I could try? Are you running 64bit or 32bit. I’m uing 64bit.

I’m running both x86 and x64 in varying build ID’s I installed messenger on x64 7100. It’s always possible MS have done something ‘quirky’ to the builds since then. I don’t have 7232, so I can’t test it.

I tend to use CIS with D+ either in safe mode or paranoid mode and the firewall to custom with alerts very high.

I don’t have many applications that require compatibility mode, but those I do have all worked well so far. Games have been the biggest problem.

Yep I think it looks that way. I just did a fresh install of build 7232 and the problem still occured. I think this is something that will just need time, and something I’m sure will be fixed when the final version of Windows 7 and Comodo finally come together.


I just updated to 3.10.102363.531 and the problem is fixed. You guys are awesome!!! Was my problem a by product of the 16 bit bug or was this a separate issue? Also in addition this version seems infinitely more stable and a whole lot lighter in Windows 7.
Anyways thanx heaps. This is really fantastic.