Comodo 2.4 blocks Vipre risk definition updates.

Ever since Vipre 3 (from Sunbelt Software) went to production, I’ve had problems with Comodo interacting with it. At first, I was using Comodo 3 with Defense + disabled. It turned out with Comodo 3, even with Defense + disabled, when Vipre ran a scan (scheduled or manual), the Vipre service would be disabled, and when I restarted it, my computer would lock. I would have to restart the computer from scratch. When I found there were others with the same problem, and they had reverted back to Comodo 2, I did the same. Recently, however, I have found I can’t download the definition updates, even with Comodo 2. The problem goes away when I completely disable Comodo while I am downloading the definitions. Obviously, I restart Comodo immediately after completion of the downloads. The problem here is, Vipre’s definitions are a rapid-turnaround with sometimes as many as three a day. With my not being able to automatically download the definitions, I’m stuck spending lots of time disabling Comodo, running the definitions updates and restarting Comodo again.

I’ve specifically allowed Vipre in Comodo in the Applications area, but that doesn’t make any difference.

Any clues would be greatly appreciated.

P.S. My wife has a small flower shop with seven computers - all connected to the Internet through a router. Each is running Comodo 3 (with Defense + disabled) and Vipre 3. None of them have any problems downloading anything - including upgrades to the Vipre software itself.