Comodo Documentation

Where can I find documentation on configuring the firewall?

You might find something in the FAQ.


EDIT: This might be what you’re looking for.

Thanks, appreciate the response.


So I had a look through that FAQ posts and it didn’t really help, I also watched the video.

Comod is installed on my WIN03 server. I’ve installed it and it’s current off because if I reboot the server I wont be able to get back into it, the firewall will completely block me out of it.

Need to figure out how to add allowed ports to it so I can RDP back into it.

Can I also block specific IP addresses and ranges from connecting to the server comod is installed on?


I’m afraid I don’t know how to properly configure CFP version 2.4 but I’ll pass it on to someone else. :wink:


Check out this link;msg42932#msg42932

If you know what ports you need to open to access the server, reboot into safe mode and open the CFP GUI and set your rules. I am not very familiar with server setups so hopefully we can get a forum member who knows what they are doing to help out here.