Comodo and battlefield 2

Hi everyone just installed comodo firewall ( BETA) replacing the aging zone alarm after a recommendation.

Extremely pleased with the protection and performance. Only issue I have is that when I have set up access for BF2 the game runs fine. If I then quit and play the game later without restarting the PC the game wont load, if i close comodo firewall it works (obviously dont want to do this!).

I reverted to the official release of comodo and did not have this problem but quite frankly the performance sucks and I get loads of game freezes. I also noticed when you do a programme search in the BETA it doesn’t find all the services.exe and svhost.exe etc like the official release could this be the problem?

Overall a great firewall and keep up the good work (:CLP)

The official release of 2.3 is this Thursday. Please re-post the issue of it’s still a problem after installing the 2.3 Official Release.


Yeah - same to me. As I wrote in the topic “not able to work…”. BF2 = Battlefield 2. Sorry that not everybody could know what I meant.

Let´s see what´s happening on Thursday.

I can confirm this issue. I’ll be sure and check on the next stable.

Only 2 days to go!