Comod antimalware update question

Hello- I just join the forum and thanks for this opportunity. I just have a quick question regarding the comodo antimalware updates. I noticed in my antimalware configuration that the last update did not change even I selected the automatic update every 6 hours and 4 minutes after bootup.
I even do an manual update by selecting the check for update but still saying.

"Last update:UTC
2007-08-10 16:39:37

Is this right or actually there’s no update available. I mean today is the 21st of Decemebr and it should change but I notced this since from start I install this application.

Please elt me know if this is a good antimalware software and why this won’t change.

Tahnsk and I am looking forward for your reply.


Hi jpilapil, I can tell you that the definitions have been updated since that time. Matter of fact, ~Cat~ updates them in a sticky at the top of this page, here:

From what I can tell there have been a few reasons that can cause this. The first one that springs to mind is running as a limited user and not administrator in the folder where BoClean downloads its updates to.

Another is a known bug in Vista in which Vista flags the download files as bad which affects the way BoClean must update.

If you are running as limited user, see what happens if you can run as an admin. Also, on what operating system? Please also list any other security software you run in real time.

P.S. Everything I just told you I gathered from this thread which might be of more help.

Please post back here with any more questions and the desired details of your system.



Thank you so much Dave for replying my posting. Actually I am running windows xp w/sp2 and my antivirus is F-Prot and I also installed the comodo firewall 3.0. I am an admin of my computer and I don’t know why it is not updating the antimalware.

What other reasons do you think that cause this?


Have you read through any of the other threads where there were update issues?
Here’s a link to the cloud tag “Update Issues”.

Hey Jason, just for clarification is it an actual update issue or is it just the time stamp saying that that program isn’t updated. As I recall there were some issues with that in the past.


Yes the time stamp is not being change but I uninstalled and reinstall the program and it is updating now. I also noticed as other forummer here noticed who use this antimalware application that they can’t check examine the report because once I selected that option it just display nothing. I understand that there is already a posting with this issue but just wonder if this is can be corected. I roll out this application in one of our office and was not able to tested this option to examine the detected malware until now. Is there a way to dispaly the detected malware for review purposes and documentation?

Thanks in advance!


if malware is detected and stopped there will be a log created as well as a copy kept as “evidence” if you have those options checked in the configuration window.

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