Common user Feedback about CIS2024 (beta)


Here to provide some feedback. Alpha version is over, since Beta is released, but still… :

  • Why CIS2024 doesn’t have the option to install Geek Buddy anymore?

  • Can you return the “advanced view” / (compact items) as big icons for options isn’t much useful.

  • CIS2024 beta seems to have lost the options to edit the “Common Task Pane” widget’s bar.

  • Also, having a registry scanner would be nice. In the past, COMODO used to sell COMODO PC Tune Up, but its not available anymore and before that the glorious COMODO System Utilities was one of the best piece of software out there. Also, previously, Geek Buddy “technicians” used to be able to run COMODO PC Tune Up from their end (in remote session) and clean up PC registry which they can’t do anymore. In sum, please bring back PC registry scanner!

Hoping the official release will bring back those features!

Thanks for continuing to improve COMODO’s products,