Commode Firewall blocking windows operating system is it an arp attack?

Can someone explain to me what is going on here? I have a feeling these arp requests are being blocked because my PC is set to non-discoverable, this is me being thinking optimistically that no one is messing with my connection. I am concerned because since I have been connected for around 2 hours or so commodo has blocked over 4500 “intrusions”. I know that my “sibling” is into hacking and messing around with networks but I want to make sure I have evidence that he is messing with my connection before I confront him. On another note when i connect to my local BT WIFI Hotspot commodo does not pick up on any intrusions.

You should either figure out which device is/was assigned that IP address by logging into your router and looking for logs, or a list of connected devices and look at the host name to see which device it is. Or you can run a packet capture with wireshark but you would need to disable the firewall temporarily to see the packets that would normally be blocked. I’ve seen once a case where an apple device was sending gratuitous ARP requests onto the network.