Comments/suggestions on CRC Beta 1.1.62802.23

  1. I think it would be nice to have a window that pops up after you restore a back-up that states “Registry back-up restored succesfully.” (see 1st pic)

  2. When the “Registry protection” window pops up, it would be nice to have an option to cancel cleaning (see 2nd pic). I know the preceeding pop-up asks “are you sure you want to proceed”, but it is nice to have a “bail out” each step along the way.

  3. My computer is slow, and while ‘Registry protection’ is backing up the registry, I see the blank CRC scan screen for about a minute (see 3rd pic). For that minute, I thought CRC may have crashed. It would be nice to show a window that informs the user that the registry protection is simply initializing during this period (see 4th pic).

  4. Default items in the “Ignore List” cannot be deleted (the “remove” button remains greyed out when you select one of these entries; see pic 5). Is this intentional or is it a bug? I think advanced users may want to have the option of removing all registry entries (and thus have the option of deleting any of the items on the ignore list). In addition, there could be an option to restore the ignore list (see pic 6). Maybe the more advanced users can chime in on this and tell us whether it is worthwhile to pursue.

  5. BUG? I deleted some unsafe entries with registry protection activated, rebooted the computer and selected “restore registry”. When I rebooted again and did a registry scan, and the entries that I deleted were NOT present (i.e. the registry protection did not restore the registry as promised). To restore the entries, I had to restore the registry using the"Back up" function (which restored the entries). - I will post this in bug reports.


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  1. The semantics is the problem?!

  2. The Registry Protection message asks only if you wish to use RP or not… does not affect the cleaning process. Also, once a clean process is started entries are removed from registry hives. Let’s say you do not use Registry Protection… ignore it for a moment. You started the Cleaning process… this means by the time you press Cancel, some registry entries were already deleted, permanently. That’s why we are bombarding the user with message boxes, warnings and confirmations… it’s better to prevent any “oh my God, why I did that?”.

  3. Yes, you are right. Would be change accordingly in the next release. Please inform us then if this got better.

  4. Those entries are not safe to clean. We cannot offer this kind of liberty to the user because usually generates damages to the system.

  5. I think I already answered this into BUG section.

I am not sure what you mean by your response. Just in case I was not clear, in comment #1 above, I am referring to the “Back-up” function where you can restore entries by right clicking and selecting restore (and not the registry protection function). As far as I can tell, the semantics are fine. Right now, the only indication that the entries were restored is the “last restore date” changes to the current date. Although this is an indication that the entries were restored, I would prefer a more obvious and clear indication that the restore process was completed suceessfully (like the 1st pic in my 1st post). It’s a minor issue…but I thinks its worth considering.

Again, maybe I was not clear regarding this issue. I thought it may be nice to cancel cleaning when the window (see pic 2 in my 1st post) pops up (i.e cancel cleaning BEFORE it starts). I did not intend to suggest a “cancel option” while the cleaning was actually taking place. I may be wrong, but when the window pops up (the one asking if you want to continue with reg protection), I assume the cleaning process has NOT started at that point (and so cancelling cleaning from this window would still be safe). I also assume that the cleaning starts only after you choose “yes” or “no” to continue. If my assumptions are true, and the cleaning process can be cancelled at this point, I think it would be nice to have that option. Again, it’s a minor issue, but it may be nice to have a “bail out” at this point (i.e. your last chance to cancel cleaning before it starts!).

Thanks for your prompt response!


I got it! Thank you for clearing up for me.

  1. You want an icon or another column in which to be displayed the result of the last restore process;
  2. As you stated: “…the one asking if you want to continue with reg protection…” that messagebox asks if you want to continue the clean process with REGISTRY PROTECTION option activated. Answering Yes woudl continue with this option… no will still continue, but not with this option on. Still what you want might be added in another form. I will think about it and maybe we change something to be more explicit.