Comments about ver 3.5.54375.427

My compliments to you regarding the new version. (:CLP)

The update took an hour for me to download, but I had no issues with installation of the upgrade once I had downloaded it.

My perception is that my boot time has been significantly reduced. That’s much appreciated.

I particularly like the clickable details now available from the program screen. Good idea. I really like it.

One thing I wish had been added was a streamlined manual update option. A right-click option from the tray icon would be very welcome. Currently, a manual update query requires several layers/menus. A streamlined option would be welcome.

I don’t see too much about the new version being said. Did you happen to notice that when you reboot the computer, the CPF main menu shows up on the desktop? It happens every single time I reboot. I’m wondering if I’m the only one with this quirk.

No you are not the only one try Here
Also check the registry key for Comodo firewall in Run if there is a -h at the end.