Command Line


I’ve recently started using Comodo Backup to create disk images. I was playing around with the command line but I am unable to get it to do anything.

If I run the following all it does is it opens up the Comodo Backup GUI:

SET bup="C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO BackUp\CBU.exe" SET bupdailysrc=G:\Backup\Today

REM Email notifications
SET emlsubject=Backups
SET emlsender=sender[at]
SET emlrecipient=recipient[at]

echo Initiating Backup…

%bup% ^
/backup_operation ^
/backup_type full ^
/type disk ^
/source disk0 ^
/description “System Image Backup” ^
/destinationType Disk File ^
/destinationPath %bupdailysrc%\full_system_backup.cbu ^
/emailNotification ^
/onFailure ^
/smtpServer %smtp% ^
/subject %emlsubject% ^
/sender %emlsender% ^
/recipient %emlrecipient% ^
/guiRunModeServiceModeRun ^

echo Backup Complete!

Please can anyone show me where I am going wrong? Thanks.

*** I got this sorted.

My command line options (differential backup to separate disk) (works with version 4.4.1):
/destinationtype destinationtypediskfile
/log_method “create”
/diskusage high
/processorusage high
/type filesandfolders
/source "C:"
/exclusionfilter “.tmp|.bak|hiberfil.sys|pagefile.sys”
/destinationpath “X:\Backups\Hugo\CBU files\20150119_Differential_FF.cbu”
/log_file “X:\Backups\Hugo\Logs\20150119_Differential_FF.log”
/compressionlevel maximum
/backup_type differential
/parent_backup_backup_type 1
/parent_backup_path “X:\Backups\Hugo\CBU files\20150118_Normal_FF.cbu”
/description “Differential backup of files and folders”

I am new at this too, but I am beginning to get things to work using the SCRIPT option.
Put your commands into a file, add /SCRIPT and the fully-qualified file name to the command line after CBU.EXE

“C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO BackUp\CBU.exe” /Script “R:\My Backups\20150218 1037 comodo”

I am creating my script file, and envoking CBU all within a .BAT file. It assigns the date/time of the backup and builds all the commands in the script file.