Command line to resetting the sandbox?

Hello, Comodo forums, I am a new member here.
This is about the second month I’ve been using Comodo Firewall, and I like it.
I have put the “Reset Sandbox” shortcut onto Comodo Firewall’s “Task Bar”.

However, I would like to know if anybody here has a faster method of resetting the sandbox without opening the Comodo Firewall main menu, and clicking once on the “Reset Sandbox” shortcut on the “Task Bar”.
That is why I ask if anybody here knows of the command line(s) of resetting the sandbox via the command line.
If not, then please suggest a method (if you have any) faster than resetting the sandbox through the Comodo’s “Task Bar”.

Thanks, guys!

What about if it can’t reset the sandbox and you need to restart to do a reset?

Cheater, please don’t crosspost. You have your own topic for this problem.