Command line switches and return codes

As many 3rd party apps (usaully downloaders) support AV scanner spawning commands it would prove useful to provide support for Command line switches and return codes in CAVS3.

Command line switches and return codes will also prove useful for automated scripting/batch tasks

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I too would like to see this feature. Command Line switches would also be useful for adding a scheduled task to the windows task scheduler so that a computer could wake up from sleep to scan and then return to sleep. This is something that CAVS3’s built-in scheduler isn’t able to do, at least not to my knowledge.

I’m going to third this wish. I don’t use the on-access scanner (I know, I know, at my own risk…), so I’d really like some way to automate calling the on-demand scanner. That way I can have my mail app and browser call CAV every time I download something.

I usually wouldn’t request something like this, but 1) it seems, from the outside, like it should be a fairly easy task. Just appropriate the code used in the explorer extension.* and 2) It is a fairly common use case among advanced or, if you prefer, naively optimistic users.


  • I did a little digging in the registry and it looks like the explorer extension uses a dll called cavshell.dll (duh).

Me 4th, but how do I use the dll? rundll32?

Would be a great feature, I had a automatic schedule that ran a program (coded by myself) to execute all these programs to keep my computer secure. Basically, it did a scan with NOD32 (before my subscription ran out), Defrag, Disk Cleanup and it would delete Limewire’s cache.

This can’t happen anymore, so I would like to see this in the future! (with a tutorial would be nice)

And what about the need for a command line scanner in the event of a system that won’t boot-up (boots to blue screen) and one wants to check for a boot sector virus before one rebuilds the boot loader?! I’m in that situation right now with a Dell laptop. I don’t actually think it’s a virus, but I just want to make sure before I take the next steps. Since CIS is on that machine, how nice it would be to just, from the command line, change directories into the CIS folder and execute a quick scan!!!

Instead, I’m force to download a free one from Avira.


I know this thread is a couple of months old, but I will add a “me to” to this feature request.

Would you believe that although I run about 10 systems across 3 physical computers in virtual machines and dual boot scenarios for testing purposes, I have installed CIS on all of these EXCEPT for my main computer.

The only reason I still continue to run ZoneAlarm and McAfee on my main PC is simply because of the lack of a command line virus scanning option within CIS.

Let me add myself to the list as well. I have to admit that being used to the powerful command line Kaspersky offers I was quite surprised at the non existent one of Comodo.

So please add at least some of those commands to CIS.

Scanning files with proper feedback in the form of a report or inside the command prompt, being able to perform manual updates and so forth.

This also kind of ties together with the wish to have a configurable update frequency. With a command to start updates, we could use our own launchers to trigger them.

Command line support has been added, but nobody seems to know any of the switches, and the devs haven’t documented what they are.

That’s certainly interesting. How can we bribe the devs to disclose their secret command line switches? >:-D

So… is anyone actually going to answer their users? Or is this forum just so that you can brag about it on your feature list?

Thank you!

Usually this is a very responsive forum and I wonder why not in this case. Maybe there are no real commands built in yet other than the calling of the cavscan.exe with a file path.