Command Line install

I have been using Comodo for a while and I would like to try it in one of my labs. I am a technology supervisor for a school system and I need some help installing it.

I would first like to try to make comodo into an MSI so I could use group policies. I used wininstall to make one it failed to star the on access scanner so.

Can anyone tell me if the installer has any command line options?


I call the commodo telephone support and they said that they had no issues with me installing on multiple machines.

Welcome to the forums, Bruce (:WAV)

I know that Comodo went away from the MSI due to installation (and even more so, uninstallation) issues; may depend on how it’s packaged, I don’t know. I have not tried a command-line install of CAVS; perhaps one of the other Mods have.

If you want to test CAVS in your lab, that’s great; if you’re wanting to use it in a production-type environment, it may not be quite so great… :wink: still has some issues to be worked on (although I think it’s much closer to a final release).

I know a couple Mods that get on in the evenings will likely be able to help with your question.


Cmmand Line Threads:,157.0.html,522.0.html,6848.0.html

That isn’t what i am looking for.

I need to do a silent install of the software. I need switches for the installer.

Anyone? I need to automatically install, disable the hifs (think that was what it was called) scanner and run as a service.



Sorry no one has responded. I take that to mean that among the Users & Mods, no one is aware of any. I have requested one of the dev team folks to give us some input.

Thanks for your patience.


Thanks. Comodo works great for me. I would hate to have to manually install it on a whole lot of systems.

Hi Betolley,
We don’t have a silent installtion feature available in any of the software.
We are pondering to provide this with V3 of Firewall. Still would like to listen what all you would want from this:

  1. You are provided with a switch like “setup -InstallSilent”.
  2. S/w will be installed with default settings.
  3. What about system re-start, should display of system re-start message be optional and by default it should simply re-start the system.

So would like to hear more as how would like to have this.


Hey umesh,

Regardless of anything else, automatic rebooting at the end of the install is bad - very bad. This is one of the testing criteria that we enforce on EVERY piece of software that will be used on our network. I’d hate to see this introduced.

Ewen :slight_smile: