Coming Soon with New KILLSwitch!

Hey Guys,

We have included another useful tool with KS: Autorun analyzer. Its coming soon as a BETA for your review.

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Great news! :-TU

another great tool and much needed when cleaning malware


This is funny, cause I proposed it to CCE team few days ago!

And we can see some secret notes on your desktop >:-D

Is that Mark Russinovich’s Autoruns?

It looks a lot like it. It has all the same tabs, same layout and same columns. The only difference I see is a rating column.

interesting News! :-TU

i dint knew autoruns was a open source program too,
i wanted a feature like this but for some reason never throught on posting here the idea

Its not open source guys. We have created our own version of Autoruns tool and will be changing it more. These are initial screenshots. We are making a swiss-army knife of malware cleaning tools with KS. This is one of them.

You will see when we release soon.

Very nice, looking forward to having a play… :-TU

Wanted to be nosey and read all your post it notes… seemed like had some info haha.

Swééééét… :■■■■ It will be great to have a bundle of tools in one package… (:NRD) (:KWL)

You will see when we release soon.

It seems that these urls

Edit: Egemen: Please wait for the final version before sharing. This version is too buggy.

lead to the new CCE with Autorun manager :slight_smile:

BTW I tested Aggressive mode on another rouge and it didn’t help (Killswitch didn’t start) :frowning:

Good catch… :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot,

We appreciate your efforts and vision a lot…

Same for me too. I tried the aggressive mode on two infected systems and it did not work in either cases. (simply nothing came up)

Aggressive mode doesn’t work against the ZeroAccess rootkit.

Ewen :slight_smile:

It is a very buggy version guys. So we havent announced it yet. So pls do not distribute it :slight_smile:

I will announce the final version this week or the next.

Yes. We are implementng this special defense.

I’ll believe it when I see the new KILLSwitch! otherwise where all just talking :wink:

The new Killswitch was released on Septemeber 13th… :wink:

watch the new CCE in action, Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete - YouTube