CometBird Protection

I’m not sure how many of you are familiar with CometBird, a clone of Firefox. My question is the following: Would it be possible to integrate Safe Surf to CometBird as well? Even though it’s a clone of Firefox and even Firefox extensions work for it, many apps don’t recognize it as Firefox, that’s why I’m asking would it be possible.

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Weel, if you use Comodo Internet Security you don’t need Safe Surf because that’s BO protection it’s now integrated and enabled into CIS (Defense+>Advanced>Image Execution Control Settings>Shellcode injections). But, if you want Comodo (Ask) Toolbar, only Comodo team can answer.

One thing many Antivirii discovered is the bundled Ask Toolbar, which has been detected as a virus. Could it be possible to remove that from the bundle?

Add it to the wishlist.

Ask toolbar isn’t a virus in my opinion, it’s a unwanted program.