Come on guys, this one should have been easy.

Major fail for Comodo in the eyes of some users around here.

The subject of the email is “I unzipped his pants and his package was enormous”

Seriously, I don’t need to look at SPF records, domain blacklists, headers or anything else to figure out this is going to be spam. Yet Comodo happily allowed it into my users’ inboxes.

Sorry, just had to vent about this one. Still quite happy about the amount of spam we are not getting.


unfortunately, this one seems not so easy for a machine learning system. I checked our logs and see that vast majority of the cluster has been marked as spam, indeed. However, few samples pass through for some reason. It would be nice to get the corpses for analysis.

Could you upload the missed spam samples using Incoming → Report Spam form please?

Thank you!